To answer the need for customized risk services, we created WLI Risk Consulting.  We offer a full spectrum of risk management consulting services, from off-site to comprehensive risk assessments and claims program development. With decades of experience in this arena comes an understanding that every engagement is unique in both its challenges and goals, and requires a plan tailored to it in order to achieve the most favorable outcome.

We work collaboratively with you - your internal staff, your insurer’s staff or the management members of your organization, to formulate a plan that complements your existing program.

Whether your organization participates in a self-insured or a commercial insurance program, risk consulting services are available to assist you when an independent, objective perspective is needed.

By utilizing national resources, extensive industry knowledge and strategic initiatives, our approach enables your organization to leverage its own experience, staff and resources to its fullest potential.

  • Customized Educational Programs

    Risk Manager Education:

    We’re pleased to offer the management and facilitation of valuable risk manager meetings through audio conferences, webinars, or special programs established for any size facility.   

    Practical approaches and national resources provide “just in time” information and training on topics relevant to your desire, experience and need.

    We assist in providing continuing educational credits on an individual basis for our risk educational programs.  Where possible and applicable, we assist in providing credits for both clinical (i.e. nursing and medical) and professional (i.e. law) application as well.

    Physician Risk Education Programs:

    Need to enhance your physician programs?  We facilitate custom physician risk management programs in conjunction with applicable carriers. We have solid relationships with hospital excess carriers and work to ensure that collaborated risk reduction efforts are completed in a logical, organized fashion.

    We not only manage the logistics of the excess carriers’ educational programs, but we serve as the client’s advocate in the identification of resources available from the excess carriers.

    Previous topics of physician directed education include:

    • Litigation Support Resources
    • Documentation Support
    • Conflict Management
    • Working with the Risk Manager

    The formal programs include a pre-test, post-test and reference listing to encourage depth of learning on the topic being covered and to ensure eligibility for various continuing education credits.

  • Crisis Investigation and Response Services

    Immediate, onsite personnel provide investigation, strategic response recommendations and litigation prevention to allow you to focus on ongoing operations.

    Dedication of our personnel/lawyers will conduct onsite investigation within 48 hours of a significant adverse event including:

    • Interviewing Witnesses
    • Securing Evidence
    • Facilitating Root Cause Analysis Conversations
    • Debriefing Staff
    • Coordination with Defense Counsel
    • Managing Defense and/or Resolution Strategy
  • Risk Program Development and Management

    We believe that the key to a successful risk program is to educate the audience on the need for change, to illustrate the outcome of the proposed change and then to have the audience understand their role in the risk mitigation efforts. Once the message is conveyed, compliance follow up becomes easier for everyone.

    We can develop a multi-year plan and will determine success of the structures put into place at Year 1 with recommendations for risk mitigation investments for subsequent years based on claims experience and risk assessment findings. This can be done in conjunction with external actuarial review to incorporate experience based financial and exposure information.

  • Risk Coding of Claims for Benchmarking

    A thorough review of the loss experience of a program allows for:

    • Identification of Trends 
    • Valuable “Lessons Learned”

    These trends are then utilized in the development of a strategic plan for a risk program, and are turned into concrete educational programs to enhance loss reduction efforts. Significant losses are reviewed in detail to determine areas of improvement needed for educational efforts in the future. 

    We provide an in-depth analysis on each significant matter including specific recommendations in the following areas:

    • Policy Changes
    • Operational Changes
    • Venue Implications
    • Contract/Indemnification Language
    • Media Relations Implications
    • Staff Education
  • Risk Management Hotline

    If needed, we can quickly deploy a hotline for your organization. 

    This is not just a hotline, it's a lifeline. 

    These features can include:

    • 24/7 access to risk staff
    • Assignment of an 800 number
    • Dedicated Pager System with Direct Access to our Risk Management Personnel

    This service can be utilized during a risk manager’s absence from a facility, or as a supplement to a new or “overly stretched” risk manager.

  • Risk Staff Mentoring and Training

    If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.  This is why we offer personalized career coaching by an industry expert available for risk managers new to their role or new to the industry.

    Coaching focuses on position specific risk strategies, and includes a career development plan outlining industry resources that benefit the risk manager’s career growth.

  • Risk Service Resources

    We take great pride in providing resources to allow your risk management programs to evolve and mature.  We offer national resources and a level of expertise not available elsewhere.

    As your partner, we nurture and guide you to the most efficient, fine-tuned organization you can be and allow you to focus on what you do best.  

    Our service team’s knowledge combined with the support of national WLI attorneys, staff and resources, results in an immediate impact of your focused risk management efforts.