Having partnered with clients in over 15 industries, our professional liability claims management team has extensive legal expertise and an unsurpassed understanding of the challenges and best practices respective to each. 

We have a rich history of helping professionals and organizations mitigate loss and risk before it happens by serving as a true partner from the very beginning.  This insight allows us to deliver custom processes and procedures for each client, including:

  • Litigation Management

    Our “best practice” approach to litigation management is to be proactive, fiscally responsible, intellectually honest and sensitive to each client’s contractual relationships.

    Once a matter enters suit, WLI manages all aspects of the litigation process including:    

    • The retention of defense counsel approved by its client
    • The processing of all invoices from defense counsel and third-party vendors
    • The setting and re-evaluation of indemnity and expense reserves for each claim
    • The assessment of all applicable state and federal reporting relating to the claim
    • The negotiation of the claim settlement or the monitoring of any trial and/or appeal involving the claim
  • High Exposure Claims Resolution

  • Claims Program Development & Management

  • Online Invoice Review, Audit and Processing

  • Claims Negotiating and Monitoring

    At WLI, our seasoned attorneys not only have extensive legal backgrounds, but we offer more than just your run of the mill claims management. 

    Ask yourself: Who do you want to keep you out of the courtroom?  Should you have to go to trial, who are you partnering with for the best possible outcome?

    We provide a team of skilled negotiators from day one to negotiate each and every claim and monitor any trial and/or appeal involving the claim.


  • Indemnity Expense and Reserving

    WLI maintains a simple reserving philosophy for our clients - to  place reserves that reflect the ultimate exposure, as determined by the client's input and the information known to date. 

    WLI does not utilize formulaic reserves, nor does it apply “benchmark reserves” based on the status or age of a claim.  Instead, based upon its collective experience in handling claims, WLI analyzes the matter, the experts, the venue and the applicable law to determine the claim's exposure.      

  • State/Federal Reporting

    WLI maintains a dedicated compliance department to ensure that all federal and state reporting requirements are performed.  WLI routinely performs reporting to the NPDB and the applicable state insurance department. 

    In addition, all compliance information is stored in Genesis, our RMIS database, giving our clients access to the information.

  • MMSEA Reporting

    With WLI, rest assured that you will no longer stress over MMSEA reporting.  Genesis has been modified to perform all aspects of the MMSEA Section 111 reporting for our clients. 

    Our claims professionals utilize Genesis to perform eligibility queries on applicable claimants and, when reportable claims are paid, Genesis provides our compliance department with all necessary information for making the required reports to CMS.