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REPLAY from: Thursday, November 5, 2015 - COMING SOON!    

(Webinar replays are typically posted in approximately 10 business days of the event.)

Topic: Protecting Peer Review - Using a PSO to Facilitate Peer Review in a Medical Practice


REPLAY LINK from: Thursday, June 25, 2015

Topic: Combating Violence in Health Care:  Identifying Your Risk and Developing a Prevention Plan


Topic:  How to Turn Risk Management into a Profit Center (6.18.14)

Speakers:  Kevin W. Kelly, President/CEO, MRM and Alice Vautour, Director of the Product Development and Legal Departments, MRM

Topic:  Understanding Sepsis:  Recognizing the Risk (9.2614) 

Speakers: Jim O'Brien, MD MSc, Chairman, Board of Directors, Sepsis Alliance, VP of Quality and Patient Safety, Ohio Health Riverside Methodist Hospital; Tara Crockett, RN, BN, CHSE, Director Clinical Delivery, Medical Simulation Corp; and  Pamela L. Popp,  Executive VP/Chief Risk Officer, WLI

Topic:  Super Losses:  Understanding Jury Verdicts in Malpractice Cases. Psychology Behind a Juror's Decision (6.3.14)

Speakers: Suzanne L. Davis, PhD, Partner EDGE Litigation Consulting, LLC and Pamela L. Popp, Executive VP/Chief Risk Officer, WLI


Topic:  Lessons Learned from a Crisis: A CEO's Perspective (11.5.13)

Learn how to utilize an outsourced response team.

Speakers: Eric Makowski, CEO, Center of Rehabilitation Excellence (CORE) Healthcare and Pamela L. Popp, Executive VP/Chief Risk Officer, WLI

CPHRM Prep Series, Course #1 (40 min.)

Topic: Exam & Renewal Requirements

Speaker: Pamela L. Popp, Executive VP/Chief Risk Officer

CPHRM Prep Series, Course #2 (Recorded, 40. Min.)

Topic: Reviewing Clinical /patient Safety

Speaker: Pamela L. Popp, Executive VP/Chief Risk Officer