We understand the importance of being able to access information when and where you need it — that’s why we created Genesis. Our state-of-the-art, online claims management/RMIS database is reserved exclusively for WLI clients and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No other claims administrator offers a comparable service. 

This gives you the power.  This is the power of Genesis. 

genesis_logo_color WEB-BASED, REAL-TIME

Anywhere.  Anytime.  WLI clients access our user friendly, secure and scalable single resource for monitoring and managing claims. 


Genesis contains extensive diary and notation capabilities at all levels of the claim, policy and client fields. Additionally, documents such as expert reports, depositions and pleadings, can be linked to the claim and viewed by clients at will. A history of all reserve changes is cataloged and maintained. Payments from Genesis can be made only by authorized persons and only after funding has been requested and approved. Bank reconciliation is directly linked to information received from the applicable banks.

genesis_logo_color ONLINE REPORTING

Genesis also includes an incident and claim acceptance system. This feature allows clients to report incidents and claims to WLI online. Written acknowledgment of each new matter is provided by the assigned WLI attorney.

genesis_logo_color INVOICE SUBMISSION

Streamline your invoices.  Allow defense firms and expert witnesses a complete solution for your procure-to-pay inititatives.  Our sophisticated invoice management solution is fully automated, streamlined e-invoice system at your fingertips.  Our system has been built to allow our vendors to take advantage of electronic submissions and eliminate the cost of handling paper submissions. Full feature invoice status: Gain real-time visibility and control into the status of all invoices.  

Because invoices are validated to a high degree of reliability, any invoices with errors or omissions are quickly rejected and handled efficiently via intelligent workflow. Improve cash flow management and quicker turn around on payments. Improve communications and gain a greater insight into the status of your invoices from initial submission to final approval.

genesis_logo_color DATA WAREHOUSING

WLI’s standard litigation management contract provides that claims data is the property of WLI’s client. WLI maintains documents and data during the life of its contract and for a period of five (5) years thereafter, unless applicable law requires a longer retention.