Matilde Rosa

Assistant Vice President

Matilde is well known in the local insurance and medical malpractice field. She previously headed the Claims Investigation Division of the Puerto Rico Department of Health, which was self insured, for eight years. In addition, Matilde was the first Claims Manager for SIMED Insurance Company, a local malpractice company, created by the Puerto Rico Insurance Commissioner's office and funded by the various insurance companies that do business on the island. Matilde was also Vice President of the claims department for Triple S Insurance Company and was in charge of all claims for the University of Health System Self Insurance Program until the sale of their hospitals, and to date, still is assigned as consultant for their remaining claims. Matilde is certified as an All Risk Adjuster and has served on the governing board of the Claims Managers Association, among others. Currently, she is Assistant Vice President of the Western Litigation office in Puerto Rico.

Phone Number: 787-999-5882