Jessica Jackson, J.D.

Senior Claims Counsel

Jessica serves as Senior Claims Counsel with Western Litigation. Her primary duties include management of a variety of claims such as, civil rights claims, professional liability, including claims resulting from professional and general liability in privately run prisons, transitional residential centers, schools, and mental health facilities. These duties include managing litigation from inception to resolution, which consists of coverage analysis, management of outside counsel, and negotiating resolutions.

Prior to her employment with Western Litigation, Jessica served as claims counsel for an international insurer of hospitals, surgery centers, physicians, healthcare employees and diagnostic imaging centers. Before serving as claims counsel, Jessica was engaged in private practice as an experienced litigator and trial attorney. She represented and successfully resolved a wide variety of legal issues faced by her clients. Additionally, Jessica began her career as a prosecutor in Johnson County and represented the interests and the people of the State of Texas.

Phone Number: 214-647-5016